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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Special moment

Long long long long time no see ! sorry laa , busy and lupa sgt bout my dear bloggie . well well well , im pink in a health . as im someone girlfie nowwwwwww . hikhik *blushing mushing . haha . my petite amie or in malay 'kekasih' name is shahrul izzat a.k.a sweetheart. we've been declared our relationship on 24th June 2011at 3.03 a.m (24611303) . he's a nice guy , romantic , sweet and many more *secretttttttt ! haha . well im happy to be " someone's ." but yet , i still stand on my so call philosophy " friends over boyfriend " . fullstop . but i love you a loads bubu :*

Apart from that , there's a lot of thing actually that happened surround me recently . one of it , sweetheart present me a watch ! sempena 1month okay . hee . muchas gracias mr izzat . me love it ;)
Next , my BB bikin panas ! tkboleh login fb , twitter , bb app world , ubersocial and even browser pun tkboleh ! godammit . Then , my dearest baby Alysa Sofya just discharged from KPJ Kajang after almost one week been admitted due to high fever and asthma . alhamdulillah . hmmm , what else ? my hair is growing successfully and fluently . haha *bila nak panjang entahhhhhh

Besides , last night was the most unforgettable moment that i've been spent with SuperbCastle members or so call SCians ! Barbeque is on ! haha . it was so fun when we ourself put the fire on with the help from professional Miss Jannah , when Miss Syer and Miss Zaharah marinate the chicken , when Miss Amiwaa and Miss Zila kipaskipas the arang that on fire , when Miss Putri susunsusun the ayam and the arang and when Miss Fea tengok jeeee *nak kena fea niiii . haha . awesomeeeeee time with SCians ! or so call our QUALITY TIME  ;) we shall do it again and again to gain a loads of precious moments together ;)

here are some pencucimata for u guys ,

MR izzat bought it for me . My first monthsary present <3

me n zila kipaskipas the ayam and the arang while putet monitoring us !

we put the fire on! haha. thanks to jannah :)

nyumayhhhh ! kau ada ?

haa nak selit jugak . hee . nilahh intan payung saya . im with her last night at 15 <3


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