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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

oh my baby alysa !

hello peeps ! long time no see . been busy fer the past few months . sorrray . now only i have a slightest bit of time to update my dear bloggie , luckily miss SITI NURSYAHIDA FS remind me bout my bloggie . thanks yaww . so , i would like to update bout the current thing that happened to me and my life . OH MY BABY ALYSA ! yes ! thats the title of my story fer this entry . Alysa Sofya bt Ainol is my little youngest sister , she is 5 years old . what about her ? hmm , its a sad story actually . she have been ward admitted at KPJ Kajang since 5th of february 2011 , saturday . why ? doctor detected that her lung is infected due to her coughing period time . she've been coughing fer around two month , fever , flu and every night alysa's keep vomiting and barely able to breathe . unfortunately , she also diagnosed with dengue ! unexpected ! so , until today she still warded fer further treatment . want to visit ? KPJ Kajang , 5th floor , room number 556 . and also , not forgotten fer those who come and visit her , thanks a bunch ! auntie , uncle , grandma , grandpa , bro , sis , and my college mates , FEA ARIFFIN , NUR SYAHIERAH , PUTRI SHUHADA , NURAZILA AMIN , INAEZLYNA BABYMILO AND HER BOYFIE , RAMDAN AND AZZAHRAH ZARA . also thanks fer the presents , teddybear and the chocolates , alysa's love it ! here are some photos fer your view , thanks , bye , till then XOXOXO :D

first medicine been given , she's one tough little girl :)

second day , she starts to have a food and drinks :)

she can smile now ! :)

swollen face :)

elmo ballons a gift from me :)

hard time ! she hates to inhale the oxygen given :(

thats all . adios .

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