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Saturday, December 11, 2010

must read . bhaha

Bill , Jim , and Scott were at a convention together and were
sharing a large suite on the top of a 75 story sky scraper .
After a long day of meetings they were shocked to hear that the
elevators in their hotel were broken and they would have to climb 75 flights of   stairs to get to their room .
Bill said to Jim and Scott , let's break the monotony of this unpleasant task by  concentrating on something interesting .  I'll tell jokes for 25 flights , and Jim can sing songs for 25 flights , and Scott can tell sad stories the rest of the   way .  
At the 26th floor Bill stopped telling jokes and Jim began to sing .  At the 51st floor Jim stopped singing and Scott began to tell sad stories,,  
"I will tell my saddest story first ," he said.  "I left the room key in
 the car!"
-- if i was Bill and Jim , i would love to kill Scott ad-hoc !

hilarious :DD

" A mother was taking a shower when her 2 year old son came into the bathroom and wrapped himself in toilet paper . Although he made a mess , he looked adorable , so she ran for her camera and took a few shots . They came out so well that she had copies made and included one with each of their Christmas cards . Days later , a relative called about the picture , laughing hysterically , and suggesting that she take a closer look . Puzzled , the mother stared at the photo and was shocked to discover that in addition to her son , she had captured her reflection in the mirror wearing nothing but a camera ! "


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lisa Surihani


Nama asal pelakon kacukan Melayu - Bugis ini ialah Lisa Surihani Mohamad. Dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur pada 23 Mac 1986, Lisa adalah anak perempuan tunggal daripada lima beradik dan dia adalah anak keempat.

# Mula menjejakkan kaki dalam dunia glamor pada usia 11 tahun, bermula dengan model iklan. Dia kemudian melebarkan sayap dalam dunia lakonan, langkahnya bermula dengan filem Good Bye Boys.

# Lisa memiliki Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang - Undang (Kepujian) dari Universiti Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom. Pernah menerima anugerah Pelakon Harapan Wanita Terbaik, Festival Filem Malaysia ke-21 (FFM 21). Dilantik menjadi Wajah Ekslusif Astro Megadrama

# Selepas Good Bye Boys, pelakon yang hebat digosipkan dengan Farid Kamil ini turut membintangi filem I’m Not Single, Jangan Padang Belakang Congkak. Dia bakal muncul dengan lima buah filem tahun ini iaitu Lagenda Budak Setan arahan Sharad Sharan, Semerah Cinta Stileto, V3 Samseng Jalanan, Kapoow!! dan Zoo.

# Sementara itu drama yang pernah dibintangi gadis ini ialah Obsesi, 3 Janda, Anak Merdeka, Mataku Nampak Hantu dan Ponti Anak Remaja.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Confessions and GetWellSoon Tya .

Heyy peeps , its 4.29 a.m now . im sleepy already , but before i sleep , i just need something that i can confess . hmm ...

first -- i miss AMC
second -- i miss AMC folks
third -- last night u get on my dream IZZAH HAZIRAH . we set a met up at somewhere that looks like restaurant . it was totally hilarious . trust me . HAHA
fourth -- and last night i also dream bout u FA ASHRIN . u bought me a donut ! that was awesome . HAHA
fifth -- i was super excited fer 'the holiday' with 'the family' yaww :)
sixth -- i found a guy that looks like REMY ISHAK . i loikee :D
seventh -- i was totally worried bout my KKS<3 , TYAZARA AZMI . haihh , all of sudden she text me " i was admitted at the hospital and already done the appendix operation last night. " i was like .. OMG , that was all of sudden and amazing super duper suprised me . then i call her , and damn luckily she was fine and getting better . you really make my heart dropped and spinning and turning 360 degrees over and over . haha . i was seriously didnt expect it to be happened . hope to see u soon tiya . we all pray the best fer you babe . love from KKS<3 . bye :D

Lack of Sleep

I was in a critical stage of Insomnia . Totally lack of sleep . No one can help me , even my parents . I looks like a zombie now . Gotta to trust me folks . Serious . HAHA . ok nite :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

i WANT this SHADE : the list






ray ban 4091


ray ban WAYFARER **


ray ban CATS 4000


ray ban 9049 S


ray ban 9042 S




Ray Ban RB 4125 Plastic Aviator

Ray Ban RB 4125 aviator sunglasses
Ray Ban has a new aviator in its line-up and its frame is made entirely out of plastic
Ray Ban has always enjoyed mainstream success and is arguably the best known eyewear brand globally. For the past couple seasons the frames with the most buzz have been from “Colorizing” (adding colors) to its classic icon models such as the aviator rb3025, the original Wayfarer rb2140 or the Clubmaster rb 3016. However a completely new Aviator this season definitely worth special mention is the Ray Ban RB 4125, also known as the CATS 5000 or Ray Ban Plastic aviator, which is a new release part of the Ray Ban Iconic Collection.
Ray Ban RB 4125 sunglasses are simple clean all plastic aviators. Fitting both men and women exceptionally well, the Ray Ban plastic aviator is one of this season’s hottest shades and one of our must have’s for summer. Coming in a color for every mood, from the classic black or tortoise, to the two-toned combos, to a variety of neon shades, you’re sure to find one that suits you. Eyegoodies.com has the whole skittle pack of bright rayban aviators not even regularly released for the US market, so get em while their hot.
Hot Pink(758/32), Blue(756/32), Light Purple (738/3E), Neon Yellow* (754/32),
Neon Orange* (757/51) and Neon Azure* (755/3F)
*European limited releases, In stock now!
Ray-Ban RB 4125 Sunglasses
The more subtle classic colors(shown below) that the Ray Ban 4125 comes in, include:
Black with grey gradient lenses (601/32) , Black with green lenses (601), Light Havana (710/51), and Dark Red (739).
Ray Ban 4125 Cats 5000 sunglasses


Sunday, November 14, 2010


i love KATY PERRY . 
i just love KATY PERRY 
i do love KATY PERRY
i adore KATY PERRY
thats it ! thank you :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

rockstar ! :DD

okayy , boring boring boring boring . jadi bila boring , marilah kita membebel dan terus membebel . okay now listen , im going to start mumbling and nagging ...

today , ada org jadi rockstar ! BHAHA . omg , my lil bro jadi rockstar ini malam . just cant believe it ! oh AHMAD DANIAL , macam2 . haha . cerita dia macamni , kat sekolah dia SMKSI tu *ok my ex school , ada dinner fer para pengawas , he was the only school prefect in our generation . BHAHAHA . NERD ! then , dia pun joined la , and AND AND AND , he's gonna perform ! he'll play a guitar , emmm IF TODAY WAS YOUR LAST DAY by NICKELBACK , i guess .
gosh , i hate tht song . HAHA . then , dia dah practice semangat semangat bagai lahh kan tiap2 malam . i was like , errrr .. tiap2 malam nk kena dgr dia jamming , sometime rasa nk hempuk kepala dia dgn guitar tu , but , yeahh , im a good sistahh *redhaaa  :D

then then then , this is the hilarious part , BHAHA . semalam dia shopping ! baju baru , seluar baru , kasut baru , just fer the SHOW !! haha . then , dia siap try bagai and show off kt ktorg . HAHA . then then , dia duduk dlm bilik termenung mengenangkan nasib nk jadi rockstar keesokan harinya . BHAHAHAHAHA . ktorg sakat la dia , bapak best . haha . kesian dia :DD

and tadi , before dia gerak nk pergi buat 'CONCERT' dia tu , i gave him my lucky and fav army tag necklace to him , BORROW OKAYY ? haha . as a lucky charm fer his show . sweet tak kakak dia ni ? sweet kan ? HAHA .

and emm , ok this is shit , but i have to admit it , he looks cool and rock tonight and HANDSOME lah sikit , uhuk uhuk uhuk .. goddammit . HAHA . ok so thats all fer today . and im kinda proud of u bro . berani ha performed dpn awek2 ?? HAHA .

okayy peeps , adiosss :D

Friday, November 12, 2010

DILEMMA ! damn

this 23th - 26th november 2010 , my family nk pergi vacation kat The Legend Water Chalet , Port Dickson , 4 days 3 night ! superb . but , the problem now is , my  new sem start on 22th november ! this is shit . dahla i jarang dpt pergi holiday . watafakkkk ! kalau setakat holiday kat hotel tu tkpela , malas nk ikut , ni kat water chalet ! damn , mana boleh tinggal . alaaa . teruk betul ! dah la tmpt dia gempakkk . alaaaaaa . tension tension !

 SUPERB sangatttt !

this is our room , rugi kalau i ta pergi okay ?

OMG meriah mak ! alaaa

dilemma dilemma -.-

mmg ponteng la jawabnya !

ALAAA TERUK BETUL ! mmg ponteng la jawabnya . tmpat dia superb sgt , i siap dgr , nk buat night BBQ bagai . SPA bagai . alaaaaa . PONTENG !

saya rindu manusia di college saya ;)

disini saya ingin menyatakan bahawasanya saya merindui manusia-manusia di college saya a.k.a AMC folks :D
even two weeks jea kita ta jumpa , tapi entahla , rindu jea manjang . BHAHAHAHA

this is TYNA NORIZAN . my intan payung . i miss her :D

this is PUTRI SHUHADA . anak sulung yakuza . i miss her :D

this is TYAZARA ESPLENDIDO . my kks <3 . i miss her :D

this is JANNAH RUZALI . anak bongsu yakuza . i miss her :D

this is NURAZILA AMIN . anak tengah yakuza . i miss her :D

this is AHMAD FIRDAUS . a f r o . i miss him :D

this is A'RIFF FAHIMI . arip si macho . i miss him :D

and ramai lagi actually , but terlalu ramai . HAHA . so peeps , i miss u guys . see yaa soons :D

never !

i never regret to let u go ! tak payah nk perasan sgt , kata i mnyesal lepaskan u bagai la . BHAHAHA  . terbahak i gelak dgr u ckp mcmtu . sorry babe , sikit pun tak menyesal , malahan i amat bersyukur yea .
jadi rasanya tak perlu kot , nak buat i jeles bagai dgn girlfie baru u tu . HAHA . sumpah tak heran . i dont even care who the hell is ur current girlfie . and fyi , seriously i ta pernah teringat pn psl u recently , i wonder why , maybe sbb i dah benci u kot . BHAHAHA . yeahh whatever ! i just happy with my current life , even no boyfie , but i have a thousands of friends who will always be at my side no matter wht happen . so , sng ckp la , i ta perlu boyfie pun . its too early pun fer a teen like me . need to enjoy my single life sepuas puasnya dulu . so , whatsoever laa u nk ckp apa pun , i tadak heran punya lahh ! HAHA . middlefinger is always here fer you :D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

she kiss my neck !

heyy , okayy i tipu . malas nk tdo actually . BHAHAHA . i was like , keep thinking bout my dream just now . and now saya sedang menceritakannya pada Putri Shuhada and i was fuckin cant sleep when i think bout my dream . why she have to kiss my neck like a hot guy always do ? OMG ! haha . FREAK !

weird dream -.-

okayy all of sudden terjaga dari tidur at 3.36am . yg penting lagu waiting fer the end by linkin park keep playing and keep replaying at my ears . superb ! lupa shutdown iPod .
hmm , and know what ? i had the most weird dream just now . my so call bestfriend turned to be lesbian and try to seduce me . wtf rite ? HAHA . but in that dream , i was like , errrr .. betul kea u suka i ? HAHA . ok that stupid -.- . but i just cant control my dream right ? hahaha . anyway i dah mgntuk balik . ok nite . bye :D

fresh chapter

here i am . NEW CHAPTER ! freshhhh :D